The “Third” Thing

Not exercise, not stretching, but a third way of achieving and maintaining health: Letting Go! In ancient Hawai‘i, healing depended primarily on one thing: relaxation. The Hawaiian Shamans knew that only when human beings relaxed deeply do they fully rejuvenate and repair their bodies. Only deeply relaxed beings moving freely – easily and mindfully – can avoid injury and accelerate the repair of existing injuries. Even chronic discomforts can be changed.

Sarah Lynn teaches this empowering, delightful approach to being in the world through the grace and easy flow of a water or table session. The techniques are yours for self-practice toward your return to the lightness of being. Pass the knowledge onto someone you love to empower them to claim a healthier mindset and body.

Her mission? To bring pleasure and health through mindful movement to everyone! Where can this happen?  In Kealakekua, Hawaii!